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Born in 1978 (Jerusalem), Amir Shefet is a graduate of the MFA program at Bezalel Academy of Art. and Design 2013. He is represented since 2013 by The Gordon Gallery in Tel Aviv.
Shefet has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel.  His work features in many of the prominent private and public collections in Israel as well as private collections in France, United States, Austria and South Africa.

Solo exhibtions

2019   Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, "La Vida".

2018   Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv,  Exhibition celebrating the new catalogue with the aid of the Levin Foundation of Art.

2017   Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv. "I Never Meant To Paint Butterflies".

2015   Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv. "StarHeartButterflyRainbow".

2014   Gordon2 Gallery, Tel Aviv. "New Works". A part of the Fresh Paint 7 Art Fair.

2011   Florentin 45 gallery, Tel Aviv. "A Limerick and a Requiem". Curated by Gilat Nadivi (Catalogue).

Selected group exhibitions



2017   The Israel Musuem, Jerusalem. "Cats & Dogs". Curated by Orna Granot.

2016   The Petach Tikva Museum Of Art. "Intricate Affinities". Curated by Dr. Smadar Sheffi. 

2016   Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv. "Stars and Stripes". Curated by Michal Freedman.

2015   The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. "Happy Birthday". Curated by  Orna Granot.

2015   Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv. "Summer Exhibition".  From the Gllery Collection. 

2013   MFA Bezalel Graduates exhitbion. Tel Aviv. Curated by Yehudit Sasportas and Gil Shani.
2011   Artists House of Jerusalem.  "Nimrod Descendents".  Curated by Gideon Ofrat (Catalogue).
2011   Florentin 45 gallery, Tel Aviv. "A Season in Heaven".  Curated by Irena  Gordon.
2011   Florentin 45 gallery, Tel Aviv. "Daydreaming".  Curated by Neomi Lev.
2010   Tel Hashomer hospital, Tel aviv. "Art in the Heart".  Curated by Smadar Sheffi (catalogue).
2010   Gros gallery, Tel Aviv. "A Poets Conversation 10".
2009   Hatahana school gallery, Tel Aviv. "Graduates".
2013   Zemack Gallery, Tel Aviv. A summer exhibition.



2011-2013  Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – MFA program.
2008-2009   "Hatahana" School of Painting, Tel Aviv - "Master class" under the guidance of Aram Gershuni and David Nipo.
2006-2007   Private studies at the studio of the artist Amnon David Ar.
2006-2007   Private studies at the studio of the artist Aram Gershuni.
2005  The Midrasha School of Arts, Beyt Berl – private program.
2004   Student Art League, New York – drawing and painting classes.
2002-2004 Ben Gurion University – B.A., summa cum laude, majoring in economics and art.
2003   Spinelli School of Restoration, Florence - summer program.


St-art collection

Microsoft collection

Dubi Shiff collection

Levin foundation of art

Leumi Bank collection of art

Discount Bank collection of art

Hapoalim Bank collection of art

Serge tiroche collection


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