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Flowers (with a white rose), oil on canvas, 200x160, 2022.

לה וידה (שחור עם פרח מנטור) שמן על בד 10

La Vida (with Chrysanthemum and Orchid), oil on canvas,  100x100. 2019. (Private Collection)


La Vida (with big red flower), oil on canvas, 200x160, 2020.


P1010088 (1).jpg

Flowers (with an empty leaf), oil on canvas, 110x100, 2022.


La Vida (with Anthemis and pink flowers), oil on canvas, 80x100, 2019.


La Vida (with Matricaria flowers), oil on canvas, 35x50, 2019.

לה וידה (ע טאודה וחרצית עטורה) 150 על 10

La Vida (with crowned Chrysanthemum flower), oil on canvas, 152x100, 2019.

לה וידה (עם קוסמוס ופרג) שמן על בד 40 על

La Vida (with Cosmos and Poppy Flowers). oil on canvas, 30x50, 2019. (Private Collection)

לה וידה (עם נורית) שמן על בד 130 על 100.

La Vida (with Gerbera flower), 100x130, oil on canvas, 2019,


La vida (with sunflowers and blue vase), oil on canvas, 40x50, 2019. (Private Collection).

לה וידה עם ליזינטוס ועלה שמן על בד 100 ע

La Vida (with Lycianthus flower), oil and charcoal on canvas, 90x80, 2019. (Private collection).

אגרטל פרחים (מס 1) שמן על בד 200 על 190

La Vida (with orange butterflies), oil on canvas, 200x159, 2019. (Private Collection)


La vida (with white butterflies), oil on canvas, 200x160, 2019. (Private Collection)

לה וידה (עם חמניה) 110 על 80 שמן על בד.J

La Vida (with Sunflower), oil on canvas,  110x80, 2019.


La Vida (with Anthemis flower on red), oil on canvas, 100x80, 2019.

לה וידה (עם כריזנטמה ופרח ורוד) שמן על ב

La Vida (with Chrysanthemum and pink flowers), oil on canvas, 40x50, 2019.

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